Originally developed for the Gamedev.js gamejam, but has since changed completely.

Developed 100% on Phaser JS (Phaser 3).

Very important: GO FULL SCREEN ... on the tiny window it is really hard to move.


  • Your units have a 1,2,3,4 above them. Yes, sometimes they are hard to find.
  • Press the SPACE BAR to center the camera in your units.
  • Left Click on your units to select one. Hold SHIFT to select multiple units.
  • Left Click and drag to select multiple units.
  • Right-Click to fire the selected weapon.
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out.

Browser note: Use Chrome ... don't be one of those guys ... other browsers may have issues not accounted for.


There is a bug where some of the characters get stuck while moving, try to zoom in and out to help their lazy selves move. It is so annoying!


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I’m on of those guys … using Firefox.

Can’t move on after the interception phase.

Also one of those guys :P - game ran fine for me. Firefox :)


I already have a patch ready ... once the Jam is over I'll update ... thanks! it is VERY annoying indeed.